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Design Innovation in Manufactured Housing

It's a two-by-four. It's a structural insulated panel. It's pre-cut. It's panelized. It's a kit. It could be a yurt. It can be coockie-cutter. It's off-the shelf. It can be customized. It has been stigmatized. It's manufactured offsite. It's shipped and assembled elsewhere. It can be a "wide load". It's an idea. It's an area of study. It symbolizes the potential for future housing. It's emblematic of the failure of housing. It's a dirty word. With "sprout" added to it, it's a rock band with an usually fervent fan base. It generates over 540.000 results on Google. It's far too often described as "pretty fab". It shows tremendous promise or, depending on whom you talk to, is doomed to fail.

It may very well be a movement. It is nothing if not fascinating. It's prefab.
(from Dwell magazine)

Ostuni, prefab modular-room , made ​​of concrete blocks and covered with materials such as parquet and wood paneling inside, steel frames of the windows and door.The central dome is inspired by the houses of southern Italy (Trullo), brings to the project a Mediterranean character full of energy and life, giving light and spaciousness inside the module. It is made in two versions, roof in  concrete or granite and wood, contrasting with the light colors of the exterior panels. Simple element, attractive and functional, adaptable to any environment and landscape, neutral colors, integration with the environment, purity of lines with many possibilities to create spaces. Both the interior and exterior design of Ostuni is designed to welcome guests, creating sensations and enabling environment to live fully.

Interior views from the prefab hotel room

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