lunes, 5 de mayo de 2014

Mago:Urban presents New Street furniture collection

Street furniture already catches the eyes of denizens eyeing a resting spot, but in select cities it also has people marveling at their good looks. Designers from all over the world are adding flavor to otherwise gray streets with these seats, benches, planters, and the like, but what makes these pieces even better is that tourists and locals alike actually use them, demonstrating that good modern design puts function at the heart of creation. Whether custom-designed or off-the-shelf.
(from dwell magazine)

Mago:Urban, urban items company from Barcelona, presents [petra] the new Street furniture collection, and Sand is the release designed by Susana Martinez for the company.

Sand is a urban furniture collection in white and grey concrete, smooth shapes, simple and pure, smooth finish on the bottom combined with etching as a canvas textured lace is the top, giving a wealth of interesting shapes and effects .
Seat, bench, relax, decorative ... Sand adapts to any environment, and creates situations and emotions around.
Private or public places, Sand collection is designed to provide style, beauty, elegance and distinguished by its unique design and attractive. It occurs mainly in two sizes, 80 x 80 x 42h cm and 140 x 80 x 42h cm, and two possible colors, White and pearl gray.
Sand is a new concept for new spaces, cities, parks, gardens, beaches .... curves forms are integrated into the natural forms around us bringing their own personality.

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